Small Reservoir 1



Small Reservoir users in UER, Ghana

Explanation of the difference between the current and the desired situation.

- In the future the sand that has collected in the water should be gone - We would like a second irrigation canal (it used to be here) so that we don't have to dig shallow wells anymore (the blue circles in the present drawing) - We would like a fence again to protect our plots from the animals. Then we don't have to build the mud walls anymore, because these take a lot of time to build and maintain.(brown circles in the present drawing) - The trees (green in the present) are not good for the fields and they drink a lot of water. However, they are good to protect the reservoir against erosion.

How did you get from the current to the desired situation?

a. To prepare the fields we will need: chain saws, ropes, spades, shovels, money and wheelbarrows. b. For the canal we will need: cement, water, stones, sand and a pipe to go under the road. c. For the fence we will need: wire mesh, two fence openings (to go over the road) cement, water, stones, sand, spades d. To get rid of the sans in the reservoir, scrapers, tipper-trucks and bulldozers will be needed. Grass and trees will protect against erosion. And we need money. e. We will need people to do the work and food and water for them.

How can you contribute to the answer you have given on the previous question?

We have labourers to do the work and we can go look for the grasses and some of the trees that are needed to protect the water against erosion.