Small Reservoir 3



Small Reservoir users in UER, Ghana

Explanation of the difference between the current and the desired situation.

a. In the future there should be more water behind the dam (so that the tree is also standing in the water). b. One of the canals goes towards a hill. Because of this we can't irrigate at the end of the season. In the future we'll built a pipie around the hill through which the water can flow. c. In the future we will also have a fence around the fields to protect the crops from the animals. (this is the brown circle around the fields)

How did you get from the current to the desired situation?

- pipe to bypass the hill: including cement, stones, water, people to do the work, sand, wheelbarrow, head-pans, trowel, spaeds, shovels and pick-axe. - for the fencing: wire mesh fence, wooden poles, cement, sand, water, labourers, money - For desiltation: scapers, bulldozer

How can you contribute to the answer you have given on the previous question?

We can assist in gathering stones, pick-axes, spades, shovels, head-pans. We have people who can work.