Small Reservoir 4



Small Reservoir users in UER, Ghana

Explanation of the difference between the current and the desired situation.

In the future we will need a fence instead of the mud-walls. These walls cost a lot of time and work to construct and maintain. The hole in the dam wall will have to be fixed in the future and the irrigation canals will have to be expanded and fixed. At the moment the canals aren't long enough. When they are long enough, in the future we'll be able to irrigate more fields.

How did you get from the current to the desired situation?

- irrigation canals: cement, water, stones, headpans, pick axes, towels, spades - Fence: wire mesh fence, wood (for posts) cement, water, stones, sand and spades and headpans. - Fix hole in dam wall: someone who knows how to really fix the hole, may be with stones and clay.

How can you contribute to the answer you have given on the previous question?

We have a little bit of money in our account. We can use this to buy cement for the canals. We can help plant the grasses to protect the dam wall once it has been fixed.