Small Reservoir 5



Small Reservoir users in UER, Ghana

Explanation of the difference between the current and the desired situation.

In the future the dam wall will not be leaking (left toe of dam wall). Then we can also use the fields there again (they are too wet now). The reservoir, will then have to be made bigger (sand out of the water).

How did you get from the current to the desired situation?

Machines such as bulldozers, scrapers and tipper-trucks will be needed to dig out the reservoir and fix the wall. We will also need money, workers, food and water for the workers, cement, water, cement-mixer, stones, sand and a watchman (to watch the materials).

How can you contribute to the answer you have given on the previous question?

We have labourers in the community and have a storage place. We can help gather stones and sand and have a little bit of money which can be used.